Classic Car Garage is expanding its Jaguar XJS parts division from its hobby like beginnings on ebay in 2005 to a full time operation in an all new custom designed 5,000 sq ft warehouse. Our new user-friendly online store will have over 5,000 XJS items available for your convenience with diagrams and many photos for easy identifying of the part.


Every nut and bolt will be cataloged with our new bar-coding system. This stems from LeRoy Sorrell’s training to bag and tag every nut and bolt when dismantling a car for restoration. He applied this to all 15 XJS cars he has personally dismantled since 2005 and is passing the torch by training others in order to constantly find more ways to provide a better service.


The new facility is just a quarter mile from the main Jacksonville post office that is open until 8pm and FedEx ground 1 ½ mile and the port of Jacksonville 5 miles. All normal size shipping in the States will be same or next day, and International will be next or two days. Large items such as body panels in the States will be two to three days and International three to five for economy service.

We will continue to provide online and phone help with your project so you may enjoy servicing your XJS.